Gigi Airone

Name and Family Name: Airone Gigi
Nickname: Gigi
Discipline: Mountain Guide, Ski instructor
Known languages: french, english
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number:
Cell. It 0039 – 349.3294334
Cell. Fr 0033 - 0648350811
Tel. e fax 0039 – (0)165. 862041

Mountain Guide registered in Aosta Valley region since 1990. Ski Instructor since 1987 and member of the Courmayeur Ski School. “Observateur pour la nivologie” and “Formateur pour les travaux à risque et en altitude”.
When I’m not travelling around the world, I live in La Salle, in Aosta Valley region, a solar village not far from Courmayeur with a beautiful sight on the Mont Blanc and the highest vineyards in Europe.
I was born on February 5, 1962 in Biella at the foot of mountains unknown to the most. I'm an Aquarius, the most unconventional of the Zodiac’s signs, alien to traditions and with a great need for freedom and space. Maybe that's why I became mountain guide and ski instructor. I enjoy my profession working all along the Alps and I spend a lot of time organizing non-European expeditions to Nepal, Pakistan, Greenland, Iceland, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt , Turkey, Namibia, and South Africa where I love accompanying my clients or spending my holydays with my beloved family and friends. My tray is always overflowing with dreams and I hope to never run out of stock.
Despite my nomadic life, I married Luisa and had two wonderful children: Jacopo and Martino. I love taking pictures (but I'm not a professional photographer) and watching old films of Mel Brooks and Monty Python.

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